Hope For Haiti

March 13, 2010
By MandiShadowz BRONZE, New Haven, Connecticut
MandiShadowz BRONZE, New Haven, Connecticut
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As I walk upon this disastrous, split piece of this devoured world,
I’m faced with questions that make me feel like I’m gasping my last breath.
Why me? Why now? And will life ever be the same again?
The road I once walked on was beginning to fall from beneath me as I continued to move forward.
What was once my home, is no longer anything but a desired memory.
I worry deeply about my family, hoping they are safe and all is well, but by the way things look, I can only hope for the best.

Starvation is only one of the problems that is occurring, followed by anxiety, depression, and most of all, hope.
Hope, is all I need in a situation as of the one I’ve been struck with at this very moment in time.

I can almost taste the amber and smoke within the air I’m breathing in.
The smell of rotting flesh in the distance makes me want to hold back and cry myself to sleep.
Why me? Why now? Will life ever be the same again?
The bitterness within my soul releases a tear from face,
It hit’s the ground, and all I think of is the earthquake happening all over again, so I try to prevent it.

I used to live here, this place that is now broken, torn and damaged.
Now all that’s left is ashes, buildings that have fallen to the ground, and all that I’ve called my childhood.
When will things get better? Only time will tell.
For now, I will try my best to stay calm, and not to think the worst of the matter.
I trust god, to bless us with his grace, and to bring back the place we all want to call home

The author's comments:
I was sitting in english class, and my teacher told our class to write a descriptive poem about what had happened in Haiti. I wasn't too happy to actually write it, so when i got home hours passed, and finally at about 2 am i started to write it, less than an hour later, i got the outcome of my poem.

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