Winds of Change

March 22, 2010
By Hannah Baker BRONZE, Covington, Louisiana
Hannah Baker BRONZE, Covington, Louisiana
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We are like kites, and God is like the kite-flyer.
We soar on the wind, higher and higher.
Sometimes the winds die down, and we fall.
We stay for a while on the ground. We don’t feel good at all.
But then the wind picks up again and we fly in the sky once more
As we recover from our fall, we become more experienced than before.
We have no control over what happens as we fly.
Sometimes we laugh, but soon after we cry.
All in a flash, our tears do dry.
As the winds come and go,
We learn from our mistakes and grow.
Though to constantly fly is for what we yearn,
It is from taking falls that we learn.
We’ll spend some time on top of a mountain,
We’ll spend some time down in a valley
We’ll sometimes pour out tears like a fountain,
We’ll sometimes cheer like we’re at a rally.
In the end, we know what we know
There’s no room for arrogance or show.
Everyone has come along for the ride
So try to connect and befriend, don’t reject with pride.

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