love is what kind of beleif

March 19, 2010
By foolish_dork GOLD, Green Bay, Wisconsin
foolish_dork GOLD, Green Bay, Wisconsin
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The words fade into the darkness
Those words are kept between us
And no one else you kept us in silence
You made me believe in fairytales
You were good at lying and acting in front of me
Like you were an actor in a movie
You played the part so real
That you played me hard
That I wanted to vanish in the air
I wanted to run and run until I couldn’t breathe
You were my world my life
You were the sun in my mind
But you just took it away
Took the light in me
And never returned back
How can you just stand there
Looking at me like I’m crazy
You said that you loved me with all your heart
But how can you love me
When you hurt me so hard
Harder than ever
And it felt like my head was hit hard on something
The echoes of my heart
Screams and screams louder and louder
How can you say such things
When you can’t even make me smile again
You say that the reason why you let this go
Is you wanted more out of me
But how am I suppose to give you all
When I didn’t know anything
You wanted me to give my body
But I couldn’t you were in such a rush
That I couldn’t make it over the bridge
So end up standing on the other side
Waiting but you left so far
Before I know it
You were far and distance
The tears I cry are the memories of the past

The author's comments:
this is for someone that went into my life and changed me and made me stronger!

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