March 19, 2010
By sandwichartistpaul BRONZE, Center Point, Iowa
sandwichartistpaul BRONZE, Center Point, Iowa
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Mind focused and ready to listen
Barely notice as you begin reminiscing
Try to fight as your attention keeps diminishing
Started off fine but gone before the teacher is finishing

In reality the board begins to blur
But deep within, your brain is a whirr
It’s late in the game and your team’s about to score
Then you snap back out and listen some more

Try to keep the focus but it seems so leery
Using up all of your energy you start to get weary
You look out the window and see it’s so cheery
But then teacher breaks in and says, “Can you hear me?”

Sit up straight and think ‘bring it on.’
Never thought class ever lasted this long
Try to keep focus you so you start humming a song
It’s too late now your mind is long gone

The quiet melody puts reality to sleep
Now it is time for your imagination to creep
So much better than the real thing you almost want to weep
Head up in the clouds, semiconsciously counting sheep

Just as it starts getting good you hear the bell ring
You missed an entire lecture over Martin Luther King
Now there’s a lot of homework that you’re going to have to wing
Guess that’s what happens when your heads off to Beijing

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