A Girl People Call "Tears"

March 17, 2010
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She never speaks.
Not one word.
Is she weird?
We may never know.

She never laughs.
Not one chuckle.
Is she depressed?
Maybe so.

Have you seen her cry?
She cries a lot.
Maybe that's why the call her "Tears"
Not say a word to her!

Is she ugly?
No. She's beautiful.
Why is she hated?
She's a nobody.

Aren't we all messed up?
In our own little way?
Yes. No one's perfect.
Let's let Tears in.

Tears. Come here.
We will be your friend.
You don't need to cry anymore.
Did she just smile?

She did! And she just giggled too!
I don't think we should call her Tears anymore.
Oh. What's your name?

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