My Mistake

March 17, 2010
By DarkKim BRONZE, Walbridge, Ohio
DarkKim BRONZE, Walbridge, Ohio
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Too late, to fix my mistake,
The sky is blue,
Just like you.
The clouds filled with rain,
Just as you feel the pain.
His eyes are black as dark,
Just like his heart.
Filled with lies and deceit,
That just pulled you in.
Then, you realize who he was,
But it was just too late.
You were already pulled into the pain.
His cold laugh ran though your ears as you heard a bang.
You lay there staring blankly at the sky filled with rain.
The blood of your heart flowed around you,
But you just don't care;
It was just too late.
To live without the pain.
Because of the mistake I've made of just not listening to you,
The rain finally fell,
A little too late.

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