March 16, 2010
By Angel Becerra BRONZE, Duarte, California
Angel Becerra BRONZE, Duarte, California
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are we humans or are creatures
are our bodies a cloak that hides our personality, our horrid features
what is a human exactly
i ask this question pleasently
what are we in reality
are we good or a lethal fatality
to cause our own end
to hell ourselves one day we will send
looking back at our brutality in history
are we good or not it still remains a mystery

why did god create us to begin
if he knew right away we were going to sin
why do we live if we are sometimes cruel and homicidal
why do we live if we are sometimes suicidal
human creation
will one dsy be sent to eradication
we are animals,we are monsters
we are living breathing terrors
we were humans and never will be
this I wish the rest of the world could see

The author's comments:
i wrote this to describe humanity's true nature very deep id say it speaks the truth but you just have to open tour eyes and realize it

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