Dear Boy,

March 11, 2010
By Hurricane SILVER, Richmond, Virginia
Hurricane SILVER, Richmond, Virginia
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Dear Boy,

It took a lot of time and a lot of pressing the ‘backspace’ button to determine who I was going to write this letter to. Even though there are many other people that I should be thanking in appreciation, like my mother or father, my best friends, or teachers who have inspired me to become a better student, I honestly think you deserve this letter.

And let me tell you why;

As if you didn’t already know Boy, you broke my heart. Well not literally, but you did hurt me as much as you possibly could, and now everyday it feels like a huge, vacant hole in my chest. A vacant hole that screams ‘HEY IDIOT, I WANT MY HEART BACK’. Unfortunately, I won’t be getting it back. Why? Because you tore it out, played with it a little, then decided that you were going to stab it one million times with a rusty fork, drop in a pit of steamy black tar, step on it, spit on it, pee on it, and throw it over a bridge into the James River. Now, I believe, it is gone forever.

Of course, you don’t even care. I’m just another girl with stars in her eyes that couldn’t see past the ‘He’s a good person on the inside’ excuses, and the ‘You don’t know him like I do’ excuses. I’m just another girl who did anything she could to spend a minute with you. I’m the girl who took the long way to class so that she could see you in the hallway. I’m the girl who was so tightly wrapped around your finger that she couldn’t breathe straight. Yes, that was me.

But, now that I think about it, what you did was a good thing.

Actually I lied; sleeping with my best friend is a terrible thing.

What was good was what it did to me (after crying my eyes out every night, plotting both of your deaths, and watching every sad and sloppy love movie available) on the inside. Sure, like I have previously mentioned, there is still a vacant hole just waiting to be filled, but I now realize (after wasting so much time on you that I now wish I could take back) that sometimes getting your heart busted up is okay. Maybe not to all people, but certainly to me, because I will take what I have learned out of this and apply it to my future relationships.

So thank you, Boy. Thank you for being a jerk, sleeping with my best friend, making me jealous at every ample opportunity you had, and putting me down 24/7. You helped me find brand new eyes, and they will never look back at you again.

Good luck in the future,
Megan :)

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the story of my life.

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