March 9, 2010
I hide behind a smiling mask.
I sit and wait for you to ask.
I lie, awake, alone, in bed.
I tried to fight, to win, I plead.
But I remain alone,
For time unknown.
Until my head is clear at last,
I try to fight my haunted past.
But when the night turns into day,
I wish, I beg, for you to stay.
But only in my head unknown,
Is where I am not alone.
One day I’ll wake without a tear.
You’ll softly whisper in my ear.
But when my eyes reopen,
Alone I’ll sit here copen.
My mask firm in place,
Lays a smile across my face.
Go forth into the world.
Watch reality swirled.
Alone I lay in bed.
I wish this was all in my head.

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