The Weather Of My Emotions

March 6, 2010
I dropped to my knees with clentched fists
going to believe that that person pre exists
No more depression no more rage
the waves in that ocean is no longer in a cage
My hands become calm and clasp together
the seasons calm and now its good weather
prayers settle in my head and finally leave my lips
My mood is out the dark no more solar eclipse
Day goes by day and night by night
This is life and well worth the fight
As i struggle down the lane my legs give in
I fall to the floor and hit my chin
the one who cease to exist cant take the pain
in her brain its all about rain
Then love comes and breaks her soul
This hurt is painful something she cant control
Not a good event but a bad makes her stronger
surprisingly this painful emotion exist no longer
Now I walk through life without a smile or frown nothing to come
the weather of my emotions are now and forever to stay numb

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