Ink Stains

March 4, 2010
By Anonymous

I sat beside a lonely curb one day
As death has pierced my humble heart today
Staring down at dirty withered pavement
Tears had filled my eyes with fear and sadness
When I saw my blood my brother dying
in my arms I could not give up trying
to save the one I used to love since youth
I never knew that love would mask the truth
That loss comes with hurt a burden we take
my soul and knees are weak to see your fate
As bullet metal ripped away the flesh
I regret running toward the rusted mesh
Never will I call myself a rebel
One that causes distress, crime, and evil
Never will I look at my flesh again
To see ink stains that signed my life away
My gang life was never the happy end
of regret I will always have to mend

The author's comments:
This is a fictional piece that is inspired by a close family member of mine. I wrote it in iambic pentameter, and hope you enjoy its rhythmic flow

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