Saying Goodbye

March 12, 2010
By Glass_Doll326 SILVER, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
Glass_Doll326 SILVER, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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We sit in silence with tears abundant.

I feel as though I’m being redundant.

My heart and mind are in a bind.

Your tears do nothing but remind,

Of something that was once blissful.

Now overcome is a feeling of painful.

Reality of my current situation,

Consumed with frustration,

But when I see into your eyes,

Love is found and it lies and dies,

But does that make it easier?

To know that you are needier

And this could end more than us?

Would that be a minus or plus?

This isn’t fair or easy for me.

I believe it’s meant to be.

I saw my future in your arms,

Enchanted by your random charms,

The fun we had and the memories we

Will leave me in declared despair.

Someday you’ll move on and be ok.

Until then I can only say,

I’m sorry I hurt you so bad,

And make you so sad,

But it had to be done.

A separate life was destined to be

I hate this part right here.

I just can’t take your tear.

But I gotta do it.

And make this all legit,

To end it once and for all,

I’m sorry but I had to fall

The author's comments:
Breaking up is hard to do. No matter how much i hate him now i once loved him and saying goodbye wasent easy

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