To the King

March 12, 2010
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Oh no~ tis’ once again Valentine’s Day.
All the thoughts I’ve pushed away,
all the hopes, the lies, I’ve set aside…
He’ll come. He’ll come, torment me again tonight.

The past I’ve tried to bury
will tonight remember me,
will tonight revive my mistakes.
No! I stay fearfully awake!

But I’ll stay in the shadows.
I’ll secure the windows,
I’ll lock all the doors
And I’ll wait, wait for tomorrow.

But oh! There comes a knocking!
The doors, the windows unlocking!
The door knob fiercely shaking,
and I remain fearfully waiting.

Now over me, a shadow cast does loom.
And like the way poison gases fill a room,
comes unrelenting panic over my being.
I move not. Less it detects me seeing.
Oh! Nearer, nearer does it inch.
I, a statue of fear, do not flinch.
I take a breath~~No! I’ve been found!
I release a great screech; forbear the sound!

I flee, I flee into the streets!
The Past is not far behind me!
I fly, I fly to the lord’s door,
and upon it, pound, pound like never before.

Inside the lord’s home is tossing, turning.
He panics; his stomach stirring, churning,
The door knob shaking, twisting
The winds are yelling, hissing.

But the lord, a statue of fear, does not flinch.
As he too owns a Past; with fear, his eyes are clinched.
So rejecting my cries, he tries to sleep.
With the Past in pursue, I again take to the streets!

Upon countless doors did I beg compassion,
but I was ignored with a fearful fashion.
For many tonight have buried their own Past.
How long, they wonder, shall this torment last?

Tomorrow, tomorrow! They say to themselves.
And so meanwhile, stick it on the shelf.
Forget it for a moment in the library of memories
And think of it not ~unless it appears temporarily.

Long into the night did I scurry.
Now to the King’s door, do I hurry.
Out of last resort, there’s no other option.
I pray, pray he has compassion.

So with all I am, I pound, pound
With my cries, the palace resounds, resounds
Footsteps from within! Oh! Oh! My ears hearken!
But my Past is gaining as I call Open! Open!

And oh! I hear but a creak in the gate!
My Past is nearly upon me-I cannot wait!
I’m crying; I’m yelling; I’m on my knees.
King, hear me, save me, open please!

Turning, I see my Past’s clinching claws.
I hear snapping in his jaws.
In his right hand are my past pains,
in his left, my heart that wanes.

Terrified, I stare into his eyes
but there is nothing; He is blind.
He opens his mouth like a venomous snake.
the closed gates behind me begin to shake.

Then, it bursts open like gloriously new day!
My Past rears, screeches, and bolts away!
The King comes, kneels by me.
Broken heart, broken heart, be free from he.

Here, I am for you. I love you. Forever seek my face.
In His arms, abide his love, I hence put my faith.
Then, I knew I was to be freed.
All my pains, my Past, will never again lead.

The King himself pursued my Past.
And He himself vanquished it - at last.

But what of the others?
What of the pain that chains my brothers?
To the King! To the King!
Them, I must bring!

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purplechoc said...
Apr. 10, 2011 at 6:42 pm
this is really good
Jose4Jesus replied...
Apr. 10, 2011 at 7:48 pm
Thank you! I appreciate it very much.
Star_In_The_Sky said...
May 1, 2010 at 2:28 pm
This is soooo good!!!! 
Star_In_The_Sky replied...
May 1, 2010 at 2:47 pm
I have some poems but they are still pending approval! How long does it take???  When they put them up u have to read them! =]
Jose4Jesus replied...
May 1, 2010 at 4:33 pm

Thank you so much! I didn't really expect anyone to take the time to read the whole I'll definately check out your work! :) I hope they come out soon! I've had two poems pending for like over a month now. I'm not sure why. My pictures came out in less than a week. It's sorta wierd.

anyways, thanx again! :D

Star_In_The_Sky replied...
May 1, 2010 at 4:50 pm
LOL it was good!  I tagged is a favorite!!  =]  When I got an email notifying me that someone had replied to this comment i thought they had finally approved of my poems! And they didnt. lol  It was funny. 
Jose4Jesus replied...
May 4, 2010 at 6:40 am
aw really? I hope yours gets in soon!
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