March 12, 2010
They tell me to be careful
Don't go round there
Don't do this don't do that
That's all I ever hear

The love and care
I couldn't live without
But the worries and the fear
Should be gone without a doubt

Everybody gotta die sometime
That aint a lie
The pain of losing another life?
Thats a pain you cant get by

But the Lord's got a plan
What don't you understand?
You cant avoid it
Everything he do is perfect not accurate

So when it's that time
Its Time
No turning back
That's a fact

When hes ready to take you
You better know its true
In other times He gave u strength u lacked
Kept you alive when you thought you wasn't coming back

Its amazing one day
You see a baby you say
It took nine months to make this
Later in they life they was gone in a instant

But until that time
Live your life to the fullest
Because in the drop of a dime
You could be gone and miss it

So fear should be a crime
So natural and sublime
So I refuse to live it
To that I plead innocent

Reckless and Careless?
No, but determined and fearless
My life wont be determined
By my generation filled with vermin

So I live smart and wise
Rid my path of hatred and lies
When I'm in the streets
I'm careful of the violence around me

Stuff just happens that's what they say
I believe it all the way
Choose your path wisely
And stay determined to complete it timely

I live my life day to day
believe I got my goals straight
My future is set for years, i got 10
Ill do all I can to make sure it happen

No person no thing
Will ever stop me
Not as long as I'm here
Breathing in this tainted air

Goals are what drive Tee
My whole family support me
My life was given with a purpose
And I'm ready to take control of it

So when you tell me to be careful
When you say I need to be fearful
I'm gonna look at you and tell you this
The Lord spoke to me and told me to be fearless...

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