Lovers Quarrel

March 12, 2010
You sit and wonder
Through pain and guilt
The final destination
For this bond we've built

Beaten like a drum
Torn like paper
Talk is crazy but ignore them
Cause we stand stronger than a mother in labor

I feel....NO Hear!
The hurt you fear
Hear not feel
Because your heart still beating tells me it will heal

But why is what I ask
To leave me blind with a mask
Ambiguously disguised
To a face I despise

I forgive you for what you did
But wont understand what you have done
We were closer than a lash to eyelid
But you've blasted us apart with this heart felt gun

So confused right now
Distance is needed
My love is pain for you
My anger already shows I'm defeated

The rush of agony, never felt
Pushing and pulling, never paused
Blood boiled thicker than leather from a belt
But tears bleed from eyes for an unhealthy cause

I love you...
Bottom line
He wont
No Cant
Do what I can

Talk is cheap
Actions show
Your trying to see farther than your leap
But no jump needed when I'm close for you to hold

Find Yourself then tell me baby
What I really need to know
Cause I'll be there always, forever my lady
But does your heart still hold me is what you need to show.

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