Still Fog

March 12, 2010
Raining outside and Im lost in the fog
Yet clearly I see her
But she can't see me
Somehow she is unreachable

I yell words from my mouth
So she may hear
The end of the fog is near
But I turn opposite to find her

I refuse to leave her
Drowning in a misty rain of uncertainty
I continue to yell and she responds back
Her words pull me to her like a magnet

A figure stands there
She sees me now!
Overjoyed and shocked
I chant my words now she clearly hears

Im close now and can reach her
I stretch out my hand so she may grab
But she looks with ambiguity
I've disturbed a natural order

Its not my story
But I play the prince of rescue
With her a queen claimed by a king
He has an advantage but I fight with words of truth

With one hand I wield a sword of love
The other is empty waiting for her to grab me
Hoping she sees as clearly as I now do
Or will she continue to roam in a fog so blindly

Love is war
I fight in blinding fog
Prepared to lose
But hopes she can see as I do

If she chooses not to grab
She walks blindly toward the cliff
Close to an edge into a lost world
She cant see over the fog although tall
She takes her last step over but I couldn't let her fall

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