Torn and Loss

March 11, 2010
By DefinitionOfNice45 PLATINUM, Boston, Massachusetts
DefinitionOfNice45 PLATINUM, Boston, Massachusetts
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You never know what you have until you lose it
That's what they say
But what if you're just not sure how to hold on once you have it?
A pleasure can be misery in the course of a day

The word sorry is diluted with your tears
So that word in its entity means nothing to your ears
The pain I have caused is indescribable
The pressure and stress placed upon you is unbearable

What IS a man to do, when he's loving two?
The song played repeatedly to me but never answered
A fool to let this separate me and you
But each day with this burden eats away at my heart like cancer

My feelings are what you don't believe
Contradictory to the actions you see
Feeling confused and betrayed
Like a canceled flight after a long delay

The thing is…I miss you
My heart is torn…true
But the two pieces together make a whole
Mixed feelings hurt but I need you for control

I once said I would not hurt you...ever
Now I'm on the verge of losing you forever
I can't….wont let that happen
Me without you is a bad joke and no ones laughin

Your stunning beauty forces my smile
Your sexiness fills me with excitement
Your intelligence demands my respect
Your smile warms my heart

You are not the best part of my day
You're a beneficial part of my life
The words to explain you completely I can't say
Even with losing something amazing, forever friends we'll stay

The author's comments:
If anybody has made a huge mistake and lost a significant other as a result then you understand the emotion through the poem. Very strong

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