Best Friend

March 11, 2010
By Rachel Benton BRONZE, Center Point, Iowa
Rachel Benton BRONZE, Center Point, Iowa
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I love the way you look at me
When I say something strange
A look that says you love me,
Although I seem deranged

I love the way you style your hair
And how you brush your teeth
My girlfriend role, it seems to be,
The best one, underneath

There are some things that I must do
To keep you here with me
Like make you snacks and dinner too
And pay for the movies.

I rub your feet and scratch your back
And listen to you talk
About things I don’t understand
Like politics and long space walks.

There’s lots of ways I benefit
By keeping you around
You pay for lunch and other stuff
And drive me around town.

You keep me warm when it is cold
You know my favorite things.
Like how I want my coffee hot,
And that I love to sing.

You make me better when I’m bad
And smile when I’m mad
I know you’ll wipe the tears away
When I am sick, or sad

These aren’t always the worst of times.
Sometimes they are the best
But I don’t want to play the Wii.
Can we just sit and rest?

I cannot stand it when we fight
Or when you make me cry
I hate the way I’ll still love you
That fact I can’t deny.

I hate it when we can’t hang out
And when work keeps you late
And I feel bad for bugging you
When I can’t keep facts straight

No matter what, I’ll still love you
And all of your cologne
Even though you steal pens from banks
You’ll never be alone.

If you can’t remember that tapes
Are played in VCR’s
I’ll be there to remind you when
We’re riding in the car

Maybe someday you will ask me
To wear that pretty ring
And maybe the white dress I saw
To our wedding in spring

So when you lose all of your hair
And all of mine is gray
I hope you’ll still call me best friend
At the end of the day

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