March 11, 2010
By Love-Is-It-True??? BRONZE, Pueblo West, Colorado
Love-Is-It-True??? BRONZE, Pueblo West, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
" if you dont like me its mind over matter..... i dont mind you dont matter!!"

Don’t ever take my heart and then rip it apart,
Don’t ever say you love me and don’t mean it,
Don’t say you’re sorry and do the same tings over,
Don’t look me in the eyes, because all you will see is
All the pain from all your lies,
Don’t play with my emotions like its some kind of game,
I’ll break your heart so bad that it will have my name,
Every thing that you did to me I can do it to,
I can do it twice as bad and do it worse to you,
I can take your heart and tear it apart,
I can say I love you and not mean it,
I can cheat on you and say I’m sorry and do it again,
I can look in you eyes and I might see pain,
I can play with your emotions and have fun with it,
But you know what I’m getting tired of all this s***,
I won’t do these things to you,
I just wanted to say I don’t like the things you do

The author's comments:
i used to think love was real but now all it has me doing is thinking is it?..... been hurt alot

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