Kiara R.

March 5, 2010
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Dear Kiara Alexi,
i miss you so much,
i wish you still walked the earth with me,
your laughter will forever linger in my ears dear,
a small reminder of the beauty you brought with your presense!

Your family has grown so much,
its incredible your mother sings again,
im glad she has built the strength within herself, im sure she knows your singing with her,
word for word,
her voice rises to you!

its odd how people say they dream of you,
never have i dreamt of you,
i cant comprehend why,
i would love so much to see you again,
heaven or dream,
never less satisfying than the other!

i know heaven is treating you well honey,
everytime i close my eyes to pray,
i ask the lord to sell hello to you for me,
hoping you will hear my words,
and look down upon me,

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