Ode to Influence

March 5, 2010
By Tanya Vasilik BRONZE, Walworth, New York
Tanya Vasilik BRONZE, Walworth, New York
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Whatever I say has little meaning
For my deeds are the words my life is screaming.
If down a crooked path I tread,
The consequences will fill me with dread.

To my every motion
Others are attentive.
Therefore I must consider my every unveiled emotion
And my each incentive.

If I take a faulty step and stumble,
How can I be sure
That my flaws won't make another tumble
Or draw accusations that are austere?

Why should I allow a foolish choice
My reputation to mar,
When I have conscience's voice
To guide me like the North Star?

Since others I desire to influence,
Uplift, encourage, and inspire,
I can not assume an attitude of complacence
And resort to repercussions so dire.

The author's comments:
I desire to watch my words and actions in order to set a better example.

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