one man

March 5, 2010
By Anonymous

She comes home battered and bruised
Shes down and out confused
How could a person she had loved
Take her delicate heart to misuse
He constantly said "you're the one for me"
And she had fell too deeply to see
The thoughtless monster
He would soon turn out to be

You'd think one more hospital visit would do it
No more punches, no more hits
But she comes home to the same old man
One more lousy drink, one more door slam
Shes blinded by the bitter bliss
But how could you love a person that does this

She finally threatens to leave and get wise
He said he'll change, just another one of his lies
He said his anger problem will go away
And he pleads for her to stay

The author's comments:
someone i love dearly with all my heart went through this struggle in thier life. but she finally left the relationship...but if she didnt i dont think she would be standing here today

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