What Am I, But A Fried

March 4, 2010
By Mai Linh Nguyen BRONZE, Corona, California
Mai Linh Nguyen BRONZE, Corona, California
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You say you need a reason
That there’s nothing left, and you need something to believe in
To you, everyone has them and you’re left with none
They’ve got reasons to get up, try, and get things done
Somewhere in the mix, you’ve seem to have lost yours
Maybe you just need something new. Something more
Then again, what am I but a friend to say what you need
What am I but a friend writing lines you may or may not read
Like a house of cards, when the wind blows, you get knocked down
You never see it coming, you never hear it’s sounds
Yet. I always find you getting back up. Is there a reason as to why?
Who knows, but you have reasons galore to my eyes
You have your keys and strings full of sound
Friends and family who are always around
At times, I know you think you’re completely lost
But, what am I but a friend to help you find the road you first sought?
A hand, an ear, a thought, I will always lend
What am I, but a friend

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