" My Beautiful Epiphany"

March 4, 2010
I Pulled the bullets out of your heart,
and put them in my own, just to make you feel whole
I sacrificed my trust to be in love with you,
To never make you feel that you are alone
I told myself I would never trust again,
That, there are boundaries to the rules of men
Where they only stay for the love of lust
And In their world, you can forget about love
You lead me into the Gallows of your trust,
And i found vines, with thorns,in which I pricked my fingers
But I realized, this is your gift to me,
to seek you out, to be the strongest woman of your dreams
This is what I wanted to be,
the Perfect skin, perfect eyes,
Your own beautiful Epiphany
We can soar, atonally
Without a certain pace, or tone
Our smiles are the finish to our masterpiece
You can be my acapella, and I can be your melody
I'm in your glass house of dreams,
I picked out the best part,
A boy, holding my hand singing by the sea
I found the meaning of your dreams
They're written In the sand
By the sea,
In bold print,
I captured them with my sleeve,
For no one to see,
But you and me
The air filled with smoke,
Making things fade,
It almost made me choke,
Until I saw your face
Then you wrapped me with your cloak,
And you took my breath away,
With the language you spoke
Open up this book of poetry,
to fill your emotions rapidly,
and open up your destiny,
to finally, fall In love with me

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