A Mid-Nightmare

March 4, 2010
By zgrace226 BRONZE, Elizabeth, Pennsylvania
zgrace226 BRONZE, Elizabeth, Pennsylvania
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As I fall into night's bliss
I lay my head and begin to rest
I stare out through my window pane
At crystal stars and beads or rain
My mind begins to slow down time
I feel softer beats with every rhyme
Consciousness through and unconscious mind

I break these bonds of Mother Earth
Into my thoughts I have been birthed
Psychotic visions fill my mind
Is realness real or is it blind
I visit this world at my disposal
Til' the devil stepped up and gave a proposal
He said he'd make my dreams come true
My souls the price how could I lose
With my own thoughts I mark my worth
Was it a blessing or was it a curse?

Uncontrollable thoughts commence in my head
Falling off buildings but landing in bed
This devilish ghoul tried to scare me dead!
But I wont fall victim to his vicious tricks
With lucid nightmares he gets his kicks
I pinch my arm and hope for day
But times on his side to my dismay

A solution arose in my head to fight
I'll play this game but at my delight
I bet i'll leave this place alive
My terms my soul not be deprived
"Hell I practically run this place"
He said with a grin among his face
Without hesitation I quickly said
My dream is to wake up back in bed
How cleverly ironic the devil said

I'm covered in sweat
But my body still shakes
That realistic nightmare was too much to take
A third of my life is spent in a dream
As that though crossed my head I wanted to scream
I pulled out my pen and started to write
So next time I dream i'll know how to fight

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this piece after I woke up from the nightmare itself. I've been showing an interest in lucid dreams and have done some research. This poem was just a means of extending my vocabulary while trying to write my dreams down.

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