I Long for the Solace of Black and White

March 3, 2010
By MarkusSinclair SILVER, Honolulu, Hawaii
MarkusSinclair SILVER, Honolulu, Hawaii
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"Good poets write for their audience while great poets write for themselves"
-Markus Sinclair

I long for the solace of black and white:
The picturesque scene of a snowy wood
Lit by the lone moon. The grove crawls toward night
As if the sky was pulling down its hood.
It is a cowl through which the light shines through
And casts long shadows through the blackened trees.
The jet black lattice lacks a shade or hue,
But it is darkness pure and Night agrees.
While the white of snow grins in sharp contrast,
A mirror to the stars from which it fell.
It scatters as if shards: a crash of glass,
All silent save the screams of those in hell.
Cruel Quiet, Cruel Silence, mocker of sight,
Why do you mix my black and white to grey?
I long for the solemn snowy wood’s night;
I’d even settle for it during day.

The author's comments:
It is an exploration of what happens in society when people are not vocal about what they believe in and the values that they hold. The clear good and evil, in this case black and white, fades to greys and hues that only corrupt morals that we share as humans.

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