March 1, 2010
By Anonymous

Do you remember?
The time when the sun warmed our backs
And bordered lined from hot and cold
The time when the snow was sharp crystals
Spreading like fire over the streets.

Do you remember?
Climbing the rocks
The playground
And my back to avoid the wet snow

Do you remember?
When we sat on the curb
Watching the melting snow
Rippling over the sidewalk
How we sat for hours

Do you remember?
The pebbles as they maneuvered down the stream
The sound it made
The grace it brought to our ears
More harmonizing then a dripping fountain

Do you remember?
Being care free
Being happy
Being on top of everything

Do you remember?
When you said you were leaving
The time you saw me cry
When you said goodbye

Do you remember?
When we were best friends

Do you remember?

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