My Dear Aunt B.

March 1, 2010
By JoseP BRONZE, Levittown, Pennsylvania
JoseP BRONZE, Levittown, Pennsylvania
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She was a woman of talent who had one big dream,
One that couldn’t be fulfilled for it was broken early at its’ seem.
She was loved by many, but not by some,
But that didn’t stop her from filling her life with fun.
Alone in the world feeling like no one could help her,
She rolled on in life trying to be happy as she grew older.
A few times the doctor told her soon you will go,
But she kept on fighting and always said no.
Soon time went on and this time she would not make,
She called me mom and said “This time I will not awake”.
For this time it was really a goodbye,
I was not told for they didn’t want us to cry.
One day I returned home and was told she had died,
My body broke down and all my tears came out as I cried.
For I knew my aunt was now up above,
Looking down on us will all of her love.
And even though she’s not here with us today,
She’s always in my heart where she’ll always stay.
Even though she’s thousands and thousands of miles away,
If you need to talk to her just pray.
Sometimes I know we may question his decision,
But his plan is thought out with the most accurate precision.
So lets just live on with life and take it day by day,
Never forget who she was or let her fade away.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my Aunt B. who now looks down on me from above. Dec. 19th, 2008.

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