The Angels Tears

March 1, 2010
By bevhillbeachgirl BRONZE, Palmyra, Pennsylvania
bevhillbeachgirl BRONZE, Palmyra, Pennsylvania
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The angles are crying for me.
I see and touch their tears.
They've been crying for me for weeks.
I try to dry their tears,
but they tell me Mother Earth is crying for me.
Tears are just water they don't matter.

Colors are fading to gray.
Mother Earth has spoken.
She's letting her world disappear,
into nothingness.
As the angels cry for me.

All the picture perfect colors are gone.
Faded to gray.
I look around at all the nothingness.
I fall to my knees.
Too weak to stand.
I sit and cry with the angels.
The world is gone nothingness is left.

There at my knees,
Through my tears.
I see a glimmer of color.
Mother Earth gave me one pink daisy,
To show me I'm special.
I pick the flower and hold it close to my heart.
My tears dry.
The angels gave me there strength to stand.
But nothingness remains in the changed world.

The sky changes to pink.
The angels tears have stopped.
Mother Earth gave the color back to the earth.
I hold my flower close to my heart,
And stare at the sky.
The angels have watched over me.
Tears are just water that have changed the world.

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