Time Brings Reason

March 1, 2010
By bevhillbeachgirl BRONZE, Palmyra, Pennsylvania
bevhillbeachgirl BRONZE, Palmyra, Pennsylvania
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You were truly my life's heart and desire, baby.
You were my knight who fought to save me from the deep dark depths of darkness's clutches.
You were my prince of purity and light.
You were the exact boy I always dreamed of marrying,
When I was a little girl.
Baby, you made my life seem as if I was always flying close to heaven.
You made my life,
My whole existence as a human,
Meaningful and full of wonder.
You were everything I thought I needed to survive on this ghastly planet.
But as I lay dreaming in the moons graces,
Baby, you left.
You walked right out of everything that was a part of me.
Trying to take everything from me as you left.
You walked right out of the door to my life,
Trying to take everything I hold dearly,
And trying to leave me alone in complete darkness,
With nothing.
You walked right out of the door to my heart,
Taking my ability to love and care for another soul.
And as you slammed the doors shut to everything that is a part of me,
You destroyed me.
You shattered my heart into a trillion little indecisive pieces.
And that day that you left me,
I started dying.
I had lost my will to live,
I had lost my will to dream,
I had lost my will to continue to fight against darkness alone.
Baby, without you by my side,
Without you in my life,
Without your love that I always felt,
I am nothing but a waste of a human life.
I do not deserve to still be breathing.
I do not deserve to still be alive.
The pain that I feel every day since you left is unbearable.
Turning each day into an unwilling battle to stay alive.
My whole world is changing so rapidly.
My beautiful colored world,
With its delicate colors.
My paradise that kept me safe,
Kept me intact.
Became taken over by the darkness,
Leaving me to stand mesmerized by the unbearable sight.
The world that I created to keep me safe from realizing how horrible,
How unbelievably horrible reality and humans can be,
Was now gone.
Baby, without you in my life,
Without you protecting me and keeping me safe.
I am vulnerable to darkness,
Unable to protect myself from darkness's clutches.
Tears stream down my checks.
Every night beneath the purity and unending beautiful light of the moon.
The pain baby, that you created,
Consumes my mind, body, and soul,
And that pain will never dissipate,
Never weakens.
Baby, why did you leave me?
Why did you leave me with all this unbearable pain?
As time passes since you left,
And the memory of your voice,
Is only a memory now.
I realize that everything no matter how painful,
Happens for a reason,
And baby,
I now know the reason why you left.

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