This Last and Final Note

March 1, 2010
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My smile fades
Untill I see you
And all my hurt seems to disappear
But as soon as you walk away
Slides down a single tear
All the hurt floods back
And there in my heart
Is still this crack
I dont know how
I can stay mad
This is temporary relief with you
And during those moments
I'm truely glad to have you
I wished you'd stay forever
But as I watched you go
I slipped into your hand
This last and final note:
"I'm tired of pretending,
Of acting out a lie
So the truth is that
This is my final attempt
To get you by my side
So this is the last teat I shed
The last thought I'll think of you
'Cause if I can get you out of my head
Maybe I can erase it from my heart too."

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