Horse Racing

March 1, 2010
By Anonymous

Horse racing,
I love to watch it so,
To hear the thunder,
Coming from a,
12Horse start.
On their feet,
Cheering and Clapping,
Popcorn flying ever where,
Soda and beer running,
Down the stars.
On the way to the backstretch,
As the thunder died,
The horses looked as if,
In a line,
Down the backstretch,
Coming on the turn, The pace picked up,
The horses begin to Bunch.
The final turn
The arouser on the
Edge of his set,
Calling out the race,
“Out the gate they Come.”
The start gate opens,
With a bang,
12 Big, strong, fast horses,
Came bursting out the gate.
A site of dust and horses,
Jockeying for a place,
Around the club house turn,
Fans and the thunder
Gets louder.
From the gang of horses,
Only two came out to charge,
For the finish line.
The battle went on for
The quarter that was left,
But only one can win.

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