Halloween's Horror

March 1, 2010
By Kory31 BRONZE, New City, New York
Kory31 BRONZE, New City, New York
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“Halloween’s Horror”

On a bench is where I lay
With many others
Waiting to be taken away
To a home
Where I would love to stay

On top of a table is where I dwelled
For days to come he had repelled
Until he came back
With a knife he had held

On the same table is where I remain
While he cut me open for his own gain
And ripped out my insides
To leave me with a permanent stain

On the porch I wait for the end of life
But with others
Who suffered from the same knife
And we lost our souls
To the man who put forth this strife
But now all we do is smile and laugh
Which everyone thinks is such a good life

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