Do You?

February 28, 2010
Do You?
Cold as ice, bitter as the wind.
More terrifying that the thunder, more miserable than the rain.
Warm as sunlight, sweet as the breeze.
More fascinating than the spider's web, happier than the bird that sings.
You are everywhere except for anywhere
Anywhere except for nowhere.
Do you ever rest?
You run through my head and into my dreams.
Do you ever tire?
Soft as midnight moonlight but harsher than the raging sea.
Do you ever stay?
You seem to know everything about everything important.
Do you ever wonder?
Sorrow seems to guide your life.
Do you ever smile?
Happiness bides it's time.
Do you ever cry?
You love has never turned my way.
Do you-. . .no. . .
Could you ever love me?

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R. S. S. said...
Mar. 30, 2010 at 8:13 pm
Could you please comment?  I want to know if people like it.
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