Hell's Cell

February 26, 2010
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The heat is so intense, the steam unbearable.
I try to scream, but no one hear s me yell.
I look all around, only darkness is what I see,
I lie on the ground and begin to plea.
I say, “Lord, please help, I’m so scared,”
Yet no one answers, “Is anyone there?”
At that moment, I hear this scream;
Coming from the distance out of the steam.
It’s a man with wholes in the place of eyes,
And blood where he stands.
He approaches and I back away,
Then I fall into a crater
Filled with people in pain.
I frantically jump out,
Barely prying my legs and arms from their grip.
Then I slip, and fall backwards
Into a pool of creatures,
Who devour those that escape the pit.
I finally regain my stance and drop to the ground
With my mind in a trance.
I slowly come back to my sense
And try to think about my situation.
That’s when it hit me,
This is no negotiation!
The man is now about six paces away,
And my only instinct is to run to the Lord, drop to my knees and pray.
Then all of a sudden, the man without eyes fell to the floor,
And whispered in my ear, “He can’t hear you anymore.”
I frantically began to yell, “That isn’t true!”
But he only laughed in my face
And said, “There’s nothing you can do.”
Your soul is now mine,
So it’d be easier for you to stop your yelling
And come to know the times.
Apparently He says,
That because of what you did
This is now your new bed.
There’s no escape,
The cards have been dealt and the game’s already played.
Then the room grew dark,
The heat increased
And I saw this great big creature resting in his seat.
I ask, “Who are you?”
And he replied, “I’m your new master and you’re all out of time.
The clock’s out of hands
And the hour glass is out of sand.
Your actions there have decided where you are,
So grab your shackles
And enter the cell incased in bars.
This is your new home,
So get comfortable, because from this point on,
Comfort is all gone!”
Then I woke up, to feel the warmth of my head
And sweat on my chest.
I looked at the clock and realized there is still hope.
Then the man without eyes yelled,
“You are out of time
It’s just your want to cope that is blinding your mind.
And that your hope is only as good as mine,
Or should I say my eyes!”

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donsmith18 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
May 6, 2010 at 6:22 am
i really liked it!
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