February 26, 2010
By Anonymous

My heart was a ticking time bomb
Just waiting to explode
Stepping through the doorway
Not knowing what was to be disclosed
It hit my feet with water flow
And raised my head with glee
It beats inside the stone-cold chest
But all is lost for me
It was the perfect life distraction
And rid my heart from pain
It came all so sudden
Like the soft spring rain
It never once doubted
Or wondered the heartbeat
It let the rhythm go on
Like baby pattering feet
But then my heart stopped beating
Inside my stone-cold chest
And finally now forever
Everything’s at peaceful rest

So I said the heart stopped beating
And yes it did indeed
The world around me killed it
With hate and lust and greed
It made me believe in something
I never had before
And just like I said
I stepped into the door
The heart once beat with rhythm
It loved the sound it made
Enjoying ourselves in laughter
As beautiful music played
But then its music played less frequent
And slowed into a crawl
By time I finally noticed
I had lost it all
See the crawl turned into nothing
And nothing turned into dead
And out of my stone-cold chest
My heart slowly bled

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