i'm still here

February 26, 2010
By , Bentley, KS
left alone under the moon
are you even looking?
i feel like i'm doomed
i'm sure you would care
if you were fully aware
of how i feel inside
i'm so damn numb
its like i died
i wish i would have treated you better
then i wouldnt have to spend time on this letter
but its so wierd what love can do
who would have knew i was thsi crazy over you
but were no longer in touch
and it kills me so much
you numbers not in service
its making me quite nervous
will i ever see you again?
if i do i want to know when
this past year has been so hard
right after you left, i put up my guard
everyday i tried to forget
with a couple hits i'd be lit. but every time i'd end up crying
i soon learned its not worth trying
life always will go on
if your here, or if your gone

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