Her Sky

February 25, 2010
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As I lay upon her bed that night,
Falling closer to the end,
It hurt me to believe that I
Was leaving my best friend.

The room’s air seemed so cold,
Upon my eyes the moon did shine.
I felt hardly old,
But I knew it was my time.

The hours slowly passed;
In the silence, angels screamed.
These moments were my last.
She still slept, lost in a dream.

I placed my paw upon her arm,
I longed to say goodbye.
She seemed to me a precious star,
And I had to leave her sky.

I could not bear to leave her there,
But I could sense my slow decay.
I took one last glance at her,
And began to fade away.

As I lay outside upon the grass,
I wished that I could cry.
But I was not a member of that class,
So the tears stayed in my eyes.

If only I’d had the human tongue,
To tell them I’d be okay.
Their tears fell to my abdomen—
If only I could stay.

As a dog, it was my job,
To teach them of the end.
It was my job to make them strong,
To be their one best friend.

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