Don’t cry…

February 25, 2010
When someone dies you cry right?
You fill like you lost your right,
You’re right to love to live,
To hate to give.
You might think the world is against you,
That you can only trust a few,

But I have to wonder,
Why do you do this?
When you know it’s useless?
You can cry and cry,
But you will find yourself deprived,
Of that person you now lack,
For that person will never come back.

Remember though,
That every one isn’t your foe,
And that, that person you hold dear,
Gone he may be, you shouldn’t fear,
The words that are whispered on the breeze,
That you shouldn’t cower from, but seize,
The words spoken by the dead,
Of the love that will last, even to the end.

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