February 25, 2010
By Anonymous

I’m locked in this cell and God holds the key
What did I ever do to deserve this to me?
The walls fall down, brick by brick
If you want to try and help me, you’d better be quick

The thoughts of freedom ring loud in my head
These days I wonder if I’m better off dead
No longer would I have to hide the pain
Stress and depression give me nothing to gain

The end of the road is clear in sight
The Devil’s advocates cheer on my plight
No longer would I have to disappoint
There’s no turning back at this point.

The earth is slowly breaking my back
Society has turned my soul hard and black
No longer would I have to exist
The water’s rising and I don’t resist

Some days I wonder why I bother trying
Tears are flowing out from my internal crying
No longer would I have to endure rejection
I keep speeding through at the intersection

The sun has not risen my entire life
I’m sick of wading through all the strife
No longer would I have to be shattered
Just bury me already, because I don’t matter

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