One Friend

February 24, 2010
By Skiddlez23 BRONZE, Centralia, Illinois
Skiddlez23 BRONZE, Centralia, Illinois
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Zesty, fun &
Youthful she once was.
anXeity & pain now fill her soul,
Willing her to let go.
Very little people know & no one
Understands her. Everyone
Tells her to move on, but
She can't. Only one guy
Really understands her, but so
Quickly he left her. Leaving her with so much
Pain. She tries to stay strong, but there's
Only so much she can take. "I'll
Never hurt you" he said. She
Misses him so much. She
Listened & believed his every word.
Killing herself would end her pain. He
Just broke her heart & she is going
Insane. He never
Had to lie to her. All she wanted was a
Good true boyfriend. Now only one
Friend keeps her going.
Everyone left her, but that one friend.
Day by day she lives her life,
Caring only about her one friend.
Believing & hoping (just maybe)
All will be okay, thanks to that one friend.

The author's comments:
I wrote this when,after 8 months, my boyfriend and I broke up. One of my guy friends got me through the break up. I'm very thankful I had him.

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