We Held Hands That Day

March 3, 2010
By Erica Fisher SILVER, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Erica Fisher SILVER, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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We held hands that day.
The day we sat by the fire and cuddled side by side.
The same day we drowned in each others’ eyes,
Almost as if no one else could ever come close to us again;
As if no one could ever punch through that sphere of love that surrounded out bodies.
We pretended that all the pieces in our relationship finally stuck together,
That somehow, some way our puzzle was finally solved.
Only on that day.
When the people who hated our love tried to fight it,
But got caught on ganchos and foutted through the air like planes.
When every person stared blankly at us,
Only to see the red and pink hearts floating around our heads.
It’s not their fault they don’t know what love is
If they’ve never experienced it.
I can only pray for them that they find that one person,
That one remarkable person that can open up the sunshine on their rainy days
And give them daydreams that can later be expressed as art;
Just as you did for me.
Where that one fairytale ending actually seemed to come true;
The one where you fell out of the powder blue sky as he just happened to leap by
On his white horse to catch you in his strong, protective arms.
It’s the perfect fantasy that can actually be real; at least for that moment.
The painting by the riverside of rowboats and doves with beautiful flowers all around,
The joyous butterflies tickling your heart
As they help carry you while you gallop along the fields,
And the feeling that finally after many crashes and repairs,
Your heart has found its match.
But, I bet you don’t remember when we held hands that day.
I bet that all you remember is the twisted ending;
When I fell into an abyss of darkness and of sadness, and my soul swiftly drifted from me,
When that juicy, red apple took my life from me only until you kissed me.
Except, you didn’t kiss me.
You just watched me,
Then you teared,
Then you left.

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