About Me

March 3, 2010
By boogoo95 SILVER, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
boogoo95 SILVER, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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About Me

Howdy mister would u like to know some things about me, yes or no? Well im am guessing u do because you are still reading this. There are thinks that I will go over with you about me like, what I hate, what I like too do, and some of my favorite moments are.

First things, first is what I dislike. My first dislike is lectures, cause there so boring when people talk for hours and hours about stuff you’re clearly not interested in. Another example is people yelling, because people are talking I mean not every one deserves too be yelled at. Also there is the greatest thing I hate and that’s a liar. Because they lie too empress people and lie too make they tell u stuff that will happen when it will not happen at all.

Next thing about me is what I like too do. The first thing is I like too shot pool, because there is nothing funnier than sinking in a in a ball in the corner shot. And there is swimming, cause swimming is like running but with more things too do and it’s way funnier. Also there is boating, because you feel so one with nature when you are by your self on a calm stream paddling through nature.

Another thing about, me is my favorite moments. One example is going too knobels with friends. Cause it’s a fun time too hang out with friends and have a party on the rides. Another thing is hanging out with a team; cause it’s like moments that will last and are rare and you feel apart of something. And there is also hanging out with my mom, cause you only have one mom. And cause it is nice too have quality time with her

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