My love

March 3, 2010
By vaderglazener SILVER, Spring, Texas
vaderglazener SILVER, Spring, Texas
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I'm in love

I'm so angry, i can't sleep

I've learned so much bout love in these two years

I've learned from friends, family and experience

Love is where all you do is think bout the person, day and night

When you hear there voice, you get butterflys in your stomach

When they make you laugh, you feel like you can do anything imaginable

They give you all the confidence in the world

This happiness that just appears from no where

Love takes two to tango

You'd give it all up for this one person

Feeling so scared that the feeling doesn't run through there body also

This feeling of being incomplete, lost, unhappy, lingers in your system

My best friennd taught me to never give up and give them all you have

To try and try again, even though it hurts

To run in the park, frustrated as hell, saying to your self "why"

Tears running down you cheek as your heart break as you run full speed

The music bursting in your ears telling you not to give up

The dreams that leave you wondering " where is she"

the idiotic giggling you have when you see that special person

What is love these day??

Is it sex?

Is it money?

Is it being a rebound?

You tell me

Love keeps you never stopping

you never cease to tire

you keep going, no matter what

you seem to forgive things that you thought were impossible

you ignore everyone opinions

you raise a fist to family

you look at yourself in the face

you say to yourself i miss her, I love her in clenched teeth

every girl falls for you

says your amazing

your easy to talk to, that they love you, begs you to never leave them

all you think bout is, what she doing, is she happy?

you cover it up with a "nothing"

you hang up with tears in your eyes and you say "why"

day after day after day

you keep your hair long

you love her, you love her, you love her

nobody understands your feeling

Is death the answer?

Is sex?

Is misery?

they say let her go, hayden

let her go

just let her go

shes dead

you find yourself wanting to race again

run your heart out, til you have nothing left

just keep on running



from it all

was it a bad romance?

or not

after two years, olivia, you still love me

you tell me girls, if im so amazing, why doesn't she love me

why does she go for the creeps in this world

why doesnt she see me?

why aren't I good enough

I'm not mr. hayden

i'm nothing

no one can ever give me the mr. but her

god, i'm crazy of even the thought of dying for her

i know i'm in love

I'm in love

After two years i know what love is

I have to bury my feelings also

Becca your prediction was so wrong


My happiness and fortune is like bull ----

who going to bring it back lol

the answer is..

no one.

The author's comments:
My best friend and talking to my ex girlfriend inspired me to write this.

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This article has 2 comments.

on Mar. 15 2010 at 4:03 pm
vaderglazener SILVER, Spring, Texas
7 articles 0 photos 1 comment
thanks, i'm really glad you liked it.

INnaturegirl said...
on Mar. 15 2010 at 7:06 am
wow i love this great job hun :D


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