My Dream

March 2, 2010
I had a dream last night.
That you and me where walking down the rail road tracks.
And you stoped and grabed my hand.
And told me you loved me.
And i told you the same.
Then we walked down to the lake.
It was dark by this time.
And down by the lake was were we laid.
My head on your chest.
Your arms around me.
Looking at the stars.
And then i fell asleep.
And i woke yo a loud sound.
And you were where kno where to be found.
I looked up on the hill.
And i saw a shadow.
I ran up the hill.
As fast as possible.
And there you were.
On your knees.
"Whats wrong?"
You looked up at me.
Your eyes were filled with tears.
And you said.
"I love you so much,I dont kno how to eplain it..i want us to last forever..i want to be the one in the church waiting for you,i want to be the one in the delivery room with you,i want to be the one in the old rocking chair with you and i want to be the one in the grave next to you forever..i kno im going to piss you off..i kno im going to be grumpy sometimes..and i kno i wont call you everynight but that dosnt mean i dont love you..i just love you so much i dont kno how to say it in words my feelings for you.
I sat next to you.
Grabed your hand.
And said.
"I love you so much..Im scared to lose you..i want us to last too..i want to spend forever and a day with you..and i kno that you could do so much better than me.cuz im not that pretty and im not that smart and i have no clue why you want me instead of what you could have..but im really glad that you choose me..because i love you so much and i dont kno how to put it in words..but i kno i can annoy the crap out of you and i kno im gunna get mad but i kno we will make it through whatever the world throughs at us..cuz our love is that strong..i love you."
We both got up.
You took me in close.
For a tight hug that i didnt want to let go from.
And you whispered
"If you ever think your not pretty your crazy,because to me your the most beautiful girl in the world,and if you everthink your not smart.your going insane cuz your smart enough for me..and if you ever think you dont deserve me you better think agian."
With tears in my eyes i loked up at you.
And you kissed me.
I kissed you back.
And you gave me another tight hug.
Then we walked back down to the lake.
And laid where we were before.
My head on your chest.
Your arms around me.
We started counting the stars.
One bye one.
I almost fell asleep.
Untill you kissed my lips.
And said "i love you."
And i said it back.
And i laid my head back down on your chest.
And went into a sleep.
I woke up in my bed.
You wernt there.
But i was thinking about you.
And then i relized.
That was not a dream.
That was last night.
That was the night that i fell 100% in love with you.
And that was one of the best nights in my life.
And i would replay it a million times if i could...i love you

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