Ode to My Brother's Birthday

March 2, 2010

On January 27,
it is your birthday.
I'm writing this ode,
to wish you a very happy birthday.
My brother,
I can't believe that you are 19.
The time has gone so fast,
but you have never changed.
Thank you,
for always being there for me.
I just want to tell you,
that you are the best brother in the world!
When we were little,
we hardly ever fight.
We sing together,
and dance all night.
Though, things are not the same this year,
as I'm not going to be home on your birthday.
But I'll send my heart back there,
to sing you a happy birthday song.
I wish you have a great year, and stay healthy.
I hope you get everything you want,
and always be happy.
Last of all,
please drive safely.
And also remember,
your sister misses you already!

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