What to say

March 2, 2010
I see the day
I see the night
not even words can describe how I feel
Just as they say
"Butterflies in my stomach"
Nor those words can explain whatI need to say
I don't know what it is
That makes me so speechless
All I know is I like you alot
I've told you once
I cant tell you again
why cant you understand
Im not the person to beg
But I will still say
I like you alot
If I were an adult Id say
"I love you"
But Im not there yet
sadly to say im to young for love
so all i can say is
I like you alot
I wish I can hear and know what you feel
But we all know thats near to impossible
I dont like to give up on things
umless i know there will be no change
In this case I have given up
No longer like you alot
I now that nothings going to change

so now its for me to say

" Sayonara!" boy

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