The Silent

February 22, 2010
By Artthebrazilian SILVER, Park City, Utah
Artthebrazilian SILVER, Park City, Utah
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Never, never, never give up- Winston churchhill

The dark alley is silent,
Except for the skittering of a rats claws
A shadow darts across the wall.
Then another...

And another...

And Another...

Until the alley is filled with beings in all black
You see them show signs to one another
giving each other signals like a
Secret Combination
You watch them depart and follow them until you lose sight of them
You then see a shadow
And before you can do anything else
They take you

You wake up in a strange place wearing strange clothes
The men that have taken you feed you and give you shelter
You learn their ways and train with them
Now you have become one of them
Trained in the ways of Martial Arts
Working everyday, Pushing yourself to the limit

Having no mercy on your enemies
But showing kindness to the meek
You have the strength of a warrior...

The cunning of a predator...

And the wisdom of a master...
You are invincible.

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