What is Calm?

February 24, 2010
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What is calm?
Is it the sound of wind in the trees?
The waves on the rocks?
A child sleeping?
Or the sound of a loved one?
Maybe it’s the music you listen to.
Or a piece of chocolate that you’ve eaten.
Or the sound of hooves on cobble?
Maybe it’s a hum of a computer.

The snow falling, when there is no sound.
Or the lull before a storm. That is calm, and quiet.
Calm can be a poem that you read over, and over.
Or a song that a grandmother used to sing.

What Is Calm?
Knowing you have self fulfilled.
The time before eternal sleep.
Or the moments before a performance.
Could it be the pitter patter of rain on a roof?
Or knowing a child is safe.

Calm is anything you want, and anything you choose. It is the song of a turtle dove, or the whisper of wind. Calm is inside you, you just need to find it, and you choose the moment. Calm is when you are at peace.

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