Big Moments

February 23, 2010
There aren't many reasons to celebrate me. But when those big moments come, I want someone there to say they'll always support me, and that they'll always have my back
No matter what the situation.
Those words are golden to anything. They put a sense of warmth in your heart.
An " I love you" is okay,
But I would like an "I'm proud of you"
The feeling you can get from so little words is astonishing.
It makes you feel like you're on top of the world. That all eyes are on you. That you are finally able to believe that you have a purpose in this world.
Even if those big moments are bad, Always find a positive.
Celebrate and cherish the moments you have,
for they can flash past you in the blink of an eye.
I believe that evryone has someone to say those things.
And if you think not, Just wait.
Then get back to me.
A complete stranger could tell you those things and you'd still get that feeling.
The warmth is crazy, but it's worth remembering.
So "I'm proud of you" highlights your big moments.

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